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Exceptional Quality & Healthy Dogs

We, my husband and I both grew up on dairy farms, with big breeds of dogs, but never had the privilege of meeting a "Bernese". It was after we moved to the high plains of Livermore, Co., in 1997, that my husband took an interest in this breed, and I soon followed. After some extensive research into the breed, we brought our first bernese puppy , with sheer delight, into our home. Later on, we learned that my family's ancestors came across the ocean to America, from Switzerland and that our family's last name was mentioned in The Bernese Mountain Dog book, "A Dog Of Destiny". All of that just increased our interest for the breed.


As you all know, health and longevity are the two main concerns in "Berners",therefore, we have taken that very serious and are committed to only include dogs in our breeding program with excellent pedigrees and proven health history. Our adult dogs will have a high score with OFA/PennHIP to be in our breeding program. We also breed for the more "blocky Berner type".

When the time comes that we need to purchase breeding stock for new bloodlines, it is with a lot of research and careful planning, that we make that important decision. That will make or break our future breeding program.We always keep in mind and it is a top priority to "keep improving the breed". Most of our lineages are Swiss and Belgium bloodlines.

Our dogs get a lot of socialization through interacting with us, our family, and our friends. They have big play areas and experience a very happy, well cared for life. They love to be out in the snow, whenever they have that opportunity and the more snow we get, the happier they are!! They enjoy our higher elevation at 7200 feet above sea level, where the temperatures stay cooler in the summer. They also have the privilege of being inside where the swamp cooler is turned on, when the temperatures get to hot for them.

We have enjoyed raising these sweet and lovable "Berner puppies", even though there is a lot of hard work and time invested into each one of their lives. It has been a rewarding experience for all of us, not only for the experience of spending our lives with these wonderful dogs, but also for meeting so many awesome people that have the same interest, "The Bernese Mountain Dog".We have made many new friends over these years.

We want to take the opportunity to welcome anyone that has interest or would just like to meet these beautiful dogs, to come out and visit us. Please feel free to contact us to set up a suitable time for that. May God bless all of you!

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